HomeGeneral Information on Burn Programs

For today's burn status, call the burn line at (530) 757-3660 or
at (800) 246-3660 within 530, 916 or 707 area codes.
Download an agricultural burn permit or contact the District at
530-757-3650 or 800-287-3650. Application instructions.

Open Burning (Outdoors)

Air quality staff work to minimize the impacts of smoke and protect public health from the three areas of open burning: agricultural, prescribed and rural residential. The District is concerned about the impacts on public health that can result from open burning.

Residential Wood Burning (Indoors)

Indoor fires from woodstoves, inserts or fireplaces can be a source of particulate pollution. The District has a voluntary program to help reduce emissions from woodburning and also a regulation to prohibit the installation of non-certified woodburning devices.

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