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General Permit Information

Air Quality Permits, like building and other business permits are a part of doing business in California. In Yolo and the northeast portion of Solano county, these permits are issued by the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District, a local governmental agency responsible for protecting the air quality in our area.
Who needs a permit?
Permits are required by state and federal law for any operation or equipment that has the potential to emit air contaminants. Permits are required of both small and large businesses. They are required:
  • Before construction begins for a new operation;
  • Whenever a change of ownership occurs;
  • Before a modification takes place; or
  • Before equipment is replaced or relocated.

What types of permits are there?
The District issues and/or enforces the following types of permits:

  • Stationary Source Permits

Authority to Construct (ATC)/Permit to Operate (PTO)

Title V

Agricultural Operating Permit (AOP)

Confined Animal Feeding (CAF)

Agricultural Engine Registration

Why do I need a permit?
Permits are issued to ensure that all equipment and processes comply with federal, state, and District rules. Before any person builds, erects, alters, replaces, operates, or uses any article, machine, equipment, or other contrivance which may cause the issuance of air contaminants, such person must obtain a permit to do so from the air pollution control officer of the district. (California Health and Safety Code, Ch. 4, Art. 1, 42300)

Because the District does not meet the air quality standards set forth by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, the District must implement a strategy designed to improve air quality. Issuing permits allows the District to work with businesses to ensure that their operations coordinate with District air quality strategy.
For more information
Any questions about the permitting process and requirements can be directed to the engineering division at (530) 757-3650.

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