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Description of Our Rule Making Process

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District's (District) rule making authority is specified by California Health and Safety Code section 40702. In addition, the District's rules and regulations are based on other federal and state air quality requirements. Air quality rules and regulations are developed by District staff and adopted by the District's Board of Directors with specific requirements for public notification and public comment periods during the rule development process. From the affected business' perspective, the following is a brief summary of the steps taken to develop a new air quality rule or modify an existing rule:
  1. District staff determines that a new rule or an existing rule revision is necessary.
  2. Staff develops a draft staff report and draft rule.
  3. Staff holds public workshop(s) to discuss the draft rule requirements and receive public comments.
  4. Staff sends draft rule to ARB/EPA for their review and comments.
  5. Staff incorporates appropriate comments into draft rule.
  6. Staff prepares and distributes a public hearing notice.
  7. Staff presents the new or revised rule to Board of Directors for consideration.
  8. Board adopts or does not adopt the new/revised rule.
  9. If necessary, staff issues a public advisory to educate affected sources of the new or amended rule requirements.

If you have any questions about rule development, contact Paul Hensleigh at (530) 757-3665.

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