Air Quality Advisory: August 6 – 10

Air Quality Advisory for the Week of August 6, 2018

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(Davis, CA) – The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District (District) is issuing an air quality advisory from Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 10 due to smoke from multiple wildfires being transported into the region. The District encompasses all of Yolo County and a portion of Solano County that includes Dixon, Rio Vista, and Vacaville.

An upper level ridge of high pressure has been building over northern California, reducing atmospheric mixing, while hot temperatures are enhancing the formation of ozone. Smoke from several large wildfires in Northern California is being transported into the region, increasing particulate matter in the air.

“We recommend that people who are sensitive to air quality reduce their outdoor exposure,” said Air Pollution Control Officer Mat Ehrhardt. “Particulate matter (PM) can penetrate deep into the lungs and can cause short term health issues while worsening existing health conditions.”

“Some people may be seeing ash on their cars or while they are outside,” said Public Information Officer Jenny Tan. “Reduce your exposure by closing windows and doors and lowering the amount of time you are outside.”

 The District recommends the following actions:

  • Lower your outdoor exposure, especially if you are sensitive to air quality. Children, the elderly, women who are pregnant, and people with respiratory or heart conditions should be careful to avoid exposure or outdoor activity. Follow your doctor’s directions regarding medicines and asthma management plans. Call your doctor if symptoms worsen.
  • Reduce your outdoor physical activity. Exercise increases the amount of air lungs intake by as much as 10 to 20 times. Air pollution affects everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or health.
  • Close windows and doors to prevent additional particulate matter from entering. Turn on your air conditioner if possible. If you are driving, reduce the amount of outdoor air coming inside the car by keeping windows and doors closed. Keep vents shut and if possible use the car’s ‘recirculate air’ option.
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