Article: “Yoloans can breathe easy with cleaner air than others”

2 On April 22, 2017 Hans Peter from The Daily Democrat wrote “Yoloans can breathe easy with cleaner air than others” after the American Lung Association (ALA) released their “State of the Air 2017,” revealing that Yolo County has a fraction of the ozone and particle pollution of neighboring counties.

The ALA based ratings and particle pollution grading on the average number of “unhealthy days” recorded in the air, or days with a slightly polluted breeze due to ozone. An average number of days over 3.3 warranted an “F” and Yolo County had 1.3 poor ozone days and zero particle days, earning a “C” and an “A.” Based on trends, Yolo’s air pollution is slowly clearing along with the rest of the Greater Sacramento Area.

The report also states that seven of the nation’s top ten most ozone polluted areas reside in California.

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Image: Deo Ferrer – Daily Democrat with the sun shining and warm weather, children entertain themselves with activities provided by Rec2Go at City Park.