Public Notice: SFNA Exceptional Events Mitigation Plan

The Sacramento Federal Nonattainment Area for PM2.5 (SFNA-PM2.5), which includes Sacramento County, eastern portion of Yolo County, northwest portion of Solano County, and western portions of El Dorado and Placer Counties, has been identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an area that is required to develop a mitigation plan to minimize the public exposure from PM2.5  emissions generated during wildfire events. Air districts in the SFNA-PM2.5 have jointly prepared the draft Wildfire Mitigation Plan for the Sacramento Federal Nonattainment Area for PM2.5 (Plan) as required by Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 51.930 (40 CFR 51.930), and Staff is soliciting comments on the draft Plan.

This draft Plan outlines the actions each air district will take to notify the public and minimize the air quality impacts when emissions from wildfires increase PM2.5 concentrations in the region to a level where they exceed or are expected to exceed the 24-hour PM2.5 national ambient air quality standard. Key elements for this Plan include: 1) public notification and education programs for affected communities, 2) steps to identify, study and implement mitigation measures, and 3) periodic review and evaluation of the mitigation plan.

An electronic copy of the draft Plan can be downloaded by clicking here.

By this notice, all interested parties are specifically requested to provide comments on the draft Plan. Written comments must be received before 4 PM on Thursday, September 20, 2018, and should be addressed to:

Mr. Matt Jones
Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District
1947 Galileo Court, Suite 103
Davis, CA 95618
Or Email:
Or Fax: 530-757-3670

All public comments and responses will be part of the Plan submittal to EPA. For additional information, please contact Matt Jones at 530-757-3668.