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‘Spare the Air’ Press Release

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What is ‘Spare the Air’?

(Davis, CA) – Every May as the temperatures rise throughout Northern California, residents are asked to ‘Spare the Air’ on certain days but does everyone know what this means and how air quality affects them?

Every day, a forecast is made about the air quality index (AQI) and depending on the prediction the AQI can land in one of five categories: good, moderate, unhealthy for sensitive groups, unhealthy (for everyone) or very unhealthy. When the AQI for ground-level ozone pollution is forecast to reach 126 or higher a ‘Spare the Air’ alert is issued asking residents and communities to lower their emissions and reduce their exposure to air pollution.

Ground level ozone is created by chemical reactions between nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds in the presence of sunlight. In combination with the bowl-like shape of the Sacramento valley and the rising summer temperatures, ozone pollution becomes trapped close to the ground and the air we breathe. Almost 70% of the region’s ozone pollution comes from cars, trucks, locomotives, buses, motorcycles and agricultural and construction equipment.

Air pollution affects everyone, even people who are healthy or exercise and especially those who are most susceptible such as young children, pregnant women, outdoor workers, the elderly and those with respiratory illnesses such as COPD or asthma. Air pollution can cause short term effects like coughing and sneezing and worsen existing conditions such as asthma and heart disease. Long term exposure can have permanent health effects such as accelerated aging of the lungs and a shortened life span.

Since ozone is a preventable pollutant, the following are simple actions all residents can take to lower their emissions and improve air quality:

  • Sign up for local air alerts.
  • Postpone errands until the ‘Spare the Air’ alert is over.
  • Cut back on driving.
  • Walk or ride a bike.
  • Take public transportation or carpool.
  • Purchase a low-emission vehicle.
  • Use charcoal-free lighter fluid.
  • Avoid pesticides.

By taking these simple steps residents will not only save money on utility bills, fuel and energy but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower pollution and reduce energy loss and smog. Let’s empower ourselves and others to make a difference and lower air pollution while creating cleaner air for everyone to breathe.

‘Spare the Air’ is an educational and advisory program that runs every year from May to September in the greater Sacramento region. To learn more about the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District, including signing up for free air quality alerts, visit: Connect with us on Facebook at: or follow us on Twitter at:


Rule 3.25 Public Workshop

The District will hold a public workshop for Rule 3.25 “Federal New Source Review for New and Modified Major PM2.5 Sources” on May 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM.

The workshop will be held at the District office at 1947 Galileo Court, Suite 103, Davis, CA.

For more info, see our rule development page

Variance Hearing 17-04

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District (District) Hearing Board will conduct a Public Hearing on May 24, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the District’s Board Room, located at 1947 Galileo Court, Suite 103 in Davis, for the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency.  This facility, located at 855 County Road 102 in Woodland, provides drinking water and fire protection to the cities of Woodland and Davis.

The purpose of this hearing is for the Board to consider granting relief for the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency from certain quarterly and annual process and emission limits for the diesel engine powered emergency generator, Permit to Operate No. P-41-16.

The facility experienced a utility power failure / system compromise on April 26, 2017 which has caused the facility to operate their emergency backup diesel engine full time to power operations at the facility.  The permit to operate for this engine allows for only 200 hours of operation per year, which is expected to be exceeded before the repairs can be completed. The facility recently applied for and received an interim variance for relief for the immediate emergency plus the potential for some additional maintenance, testing, and emergency operations through the end of 2017.

Variance No. 17-04 – Public Notice

For more information, please contact Jeff Pinnow at (530) 757-3650.


Put your foot to the pedal because May is Bike Month

Join Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District as we celebrate May is Bike Month. Established in 1956, bicyclists have been celebrating and showcasing the power, fun and positive health effects of bicycling. Whether you bike to exercise, save money, protect the environment or just because you love to bicycle, Bike Month is a great opportunity to exercise, participate, explore and have fun.

No matter your schedule or level of commitment, there are many ways to participate.

If you live in Yolo County, visit: to sign up, log trips and miles and even compete with other employers, schools, cities or individuals. There are also online resources on bike safety, routes, and local events as well as opportunities to earn a variety of badges to show off and share. Whether you live in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento or another local Yolo County community, there’s something for everyone.

For those interested in bike month who live in Solano county, visit: and learn how biking is for everyone. Reduce stress, lose weight, help diminish global warming, or enjoy bragging rights at the water cooler for the most distance traveled on a bike. Participate in team bike challenges, learn about energizer stations and receive relevant bicycling information. Discover the Bay Area’s 23rd Annual Bike to Work Day on May 11, 2017 and sign up to be eligible to win prizes and be cheered on by fellow bike enthusiasts.

Remember to have fun and be safe. Bike riders come in all shapes, sizes, speeds and skill levels.

For more information about May is Bike Month, sign up to receive Air Aware’s May newsletter here.


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In this May issue, you’ll learn about ‘Spare The Air’ and which demographics are most impacted by air pollution, uncover local and regional efforts for Bike Month and get to know Yolo-Solano’s newest Public Information Officer.

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2 On April 22, 2017 Hans Peter from The Daily Democrat wrote “Yoloans can breathe easy with cleaner air than others” after the American Lung Association (ALA) released their “State of the Air 2017,” revealing that Yolo County has a fraction of the ozone and particle pollution of neighboring counties.

The ALA based ratings and particle pollution grading on the average number of “unhealthy days” recorded in the air, or days with a slightly polluted breeze due to ozone. An average number of days over 3.3 warranted an “F” and Yolo County had 1.3 poor ozone days and zero particle days, earning a “C” and an “A.” Based on trends, Yolo’s air pollution is slowly clearing along with the rest of the Greater Sacramento Area.

The report also states that seven of the nation’s top ten most ozone polluted areas reside in California.

Click here to read the full story.

Image: Deo Ferrer – Daily Democrat with the sun shining and warm weather, children entertain themselves with activities provided by Rec2Go at City Park.

New Annual Report Available

Yolo-Solano AQMD published its 2016 annual report on February 8, 2017. The report includes information on local air quality conditions, funding opportunities, permitting programs, new rules and regulations and much more.

See the annual report >>