Permit Disputes

The Yolo-Solano AQMD Hearing Board can be asked to resolve permit disputes arising from District action. This can include appeals from sources on permit denials, conditional approvals, suspensions or revocations. The Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) can also request that the Hearing Board determine whether a permit should be revoked due to violations. Third parties may also appeal District permit decisions to the Hearing Board.

Sources whose permit application was denied by the District can appeal that decision to the Hearing Board, which will determine whether the denial was justified. Similarly, holders of suspended permits may appeal those decisions to the Hearing Board.

In each case, the role of the Hearing Board is to determine whether the APCO has made a fair and reasonable interpretation of the applicable legal requirements. If the Hearing Board rules in favor of the appellant, a permit may be issued or re-issued or a suspension may be lifted. The Hearing Board can also uphold the District’s decision.

See our Hearing Board page for more information on its role at the Yolo-Solano AQMD.