News & Outreach

The Yolo-Solano AQMD has an expansive public outreach program. As a public health agency, keeping residents informed about air quality and how to reduce air pollution locally is a major piece of the District’s mission. Below you’ll find info on the District’s public outreach and education programs.

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All About Air Quality

Ambient air quality can be an endlessly complex topic, but the bottom line is simple: we want to breathe clean air. What does that mean, and how do we get there? In our FAQs section you’ll find answers.

Air Quality Alerts & Forecasts

You can receive local air quality alerts and forecasts via e-mail or text message through our EnviroFlash service. You simply input your contact information and choose the nearest of our five monitoring sites. If you sign up for alerts at a certain threshold, you won’t receive a message until an alert has been issued. Five-day air quality forecasts are sent daily before noon.

Press Room

Annual Reports

The Yolo-Solano AQMD has been publishing Annual Reports since 2012, highlighting and summarizing the District’s efforts, achievements and responsibilities for the calendar year.

Click to see our latest and previous Annual Reports.

Seasonal Programs

Clean Air Calendars

2019 Contest: The 12 student winners have been selected and here they are along with their amazing artwork!

Winners will receive:
1.  A $30 gift card
2.  A Certificate of Achievement
3.  Recognition in a District press release
4.  Free copies of the final calendar

Winners Photos of Artwork Photos of Students
Delaysia, 2nd grade Delaysia Delaysia
Joanna, 3rd grade Joanna Joanna
Neshama, 4th grade Neshama Neshama
Paige, 4th grade Paige Paige
Bridget, 4th grade Bridget Bridget
Josephine, 5th grade Josephine Josephine
Caitlyn, 6th grade Caitlyn Caitlyn
Evelyn, 7th grade Evelyn  N/A
Jessie, 8th grade Jessie  N/A
Avery, 11th grade Avery Avery
Kevin, 11th grade Kevin Kevin
Brooke, 12th grade Brooke Brooke

See our 2019 Calendar Flyer
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See our 2017 Calendar and our 2017 Calendar Flyer.

Don’t Light Tonight

The Don’t Light Tonight program asks residents to refrain from burning wood on certain winter days and nights in which our forecasts indicate the air quality could deteriorate.

Spare The Air

During the summer months, smog is our pollutant of primary concern. Smog has been linked to a number of health impacts, and poses risks for children and the elderly. Air districts from the Sacramento region collaborate on the Spare The Air campaign, which asks residents to drive less throughout the summer and specifically on certain days to keep our air cleaner. Cars and trucks are responsible for roughly 70 percent of the emissions that form smog.