Compliance Programs

Yolo-Solano AQMD’s Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing the District’s rules and regulations. This involves completing inspections, investigating complaints, managing source-specific compliance programs and, when necessary, pursuing enforcement actions.


The District investigates air quality complaints submitted by the public.


Permitted sources are inspected at least once per year by District staff. Certain emergency engines and agricultural engines are inspected less frequently per District policy.

Enforcement Action

When rules and regulations are violated, the District may pursue enforcement actions including fines.

Breakdowns & Variances

When air pollution control equipment fails or malfunctions, sources must notify the District of a breakdown and either temporarily shut down the affected operations or pursue a variance.


The District operates an agricultural burn program year-round and also enforces rules on rural yard burning. In addition, the District runs a voluntary wood smoke abatement program during the winter.

Air Toxics

The District is committed to protecting the public from airborne toxic pollutants through it Air Toxics Hot Spots Program.


All commercial and certain other renovation and demolition projects must receive District clearance due to asbestos regulations.