Rule Development

The District develops and amends its rules as required by state and federal law and in the interest of fulfilling its mission to protect public health from the harmful effects of air pollution.

Current Rule Development Activities

Rule Expected Hearing Date Documents
Rule 2.43 Biomass Boilers

December 13, 2023

Public Hearing Notice
Final Staff Report
Final Rule Language

Rule 2.14 Architectural Coatings


Public Hearing Notice
Staff Report: 2015 Ozone NAAQS SFNA Contingency Measure Commitments


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Recent Rule Adoptions and Revisions

Rule Language Date Adopted Documents

April 12, 2023

Staff Report

Rule 4.2 Permit Fees-Agricultural Burning

October 12, 2022

Staff Report

Rule 5.2 Upset/Breakdown Conditions: Emergency Variance

September 8, 2021

Staff Report

Rule 5.1 Procedures Before the Hearing Board

September 8, 2021

Staff Report

Rule 4.4 Hearing Board Fees

September 8, 2021

Staff Report

Rule 2.31 Solvent Cleaning and Degreasing

July 14, 2021

Staff Report

Potential Regulatory Measures

The California Health and Safety Code requires the District to post a list of all regulatory measures which may be adopted or amended in a calendar year.

2023 Regulatory Measure List