Title V Permits

Large industrial facilities that meet certain emission thresholds are required to apply for Title V permits as mandated by federal Clean Air Act and enforced through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Yolo-Solano AQMD has been authorized by the EPA to issue and oversee these Title V permits locally. This helps streamline the regulatory process for businesses and minimize the need for extra inspections.

District Rule 3.8 details what facilities are required to obtain Title V permits. The most common type of Title V source is one that meets for the District’s threshold as a “major source.” Currently, the District’s thresholds for a major source are:

  • 100 tons per year of any pollutant subject to regulation
  • 25 tons per year of volatile organic compounds or nitrous oxides
  • 10 tons per year of any single hazardous air pollutant
  • 25 tons per year of all hazardous air pollutants

As per federal rules, Title V permits list all of the federal, state and local air quality requirements that apply to the facility, and describe the monitoring and recordkeeping requirements that are needed to ensure compliance.

Each proposed Title V permit undergoes thorough review process which includes a public notice component.