Ag Operating Permits

Agricultural sources with actual emissions of at least 12.5 tons of criteria pollutants on contiguous ag land are required to apply for an agricultural operating permit.

To determine actual emissions from your agricultural operation, please use the District’s online emissions screening calculator tool. If you have difficulty using the online emissions screening calculator tool, you may use the manual AOP screening worksheet.

If you have determined that your agricultural operation is required to obtain an ag operating permit, please complete the application form and submit the form and required fees.

Ag Operating Permits vs. Ag Engine Registrations

All individual stationary agricultural engines must be registered with the District. (See our Ag Engine Registration page for more information.) The ag operating permit exists for those large ag sources whose equipment combines to emit at least half of the District’s major source threshold. The current threshold is 25 tons, so the threshold for ag operating permits is 12.5 tons. The District is not aware of any operations in our district that meet these criteria to warrant needing an ag operating permit.