Stationary Source Inspections

Yolo-Solano AQMD staff routinely conducts inspections at sources that have the potential to emit air contaminants and/or cause a public nuisance in order to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and District regulations. Common sources include demolition and renovation sites containing asbestos, gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs), coating and ink operations, and businesses with boilers, bag houses, or internal combustion engines such as agricultural pumps, compressors, generators, and  backup emergency engines. District staff also inspects less common sources of air pollution such as landfills and composting facilities, and equipment units like sandblasters, rock crushers, and screens.

District inspectors also investigate complaints; observe agricultural burning, and conduct surveillance for potentially unpermitted sources and portable equipment.

The District encourages companies to implement their own self-compliance program that includes regular inspections of equipment to ensure that air contaminants are not being released into the atmosphere and that all permit conditions are being complied with. If a company discovers a problem with their equipment, the District has provisions for breakdown relief and/or consideration of a variance.