Confined Animal Facilities

Confined Animal Facility permits are issued to large-scale commercial animal operations when certain thresholds are met. These thresholds are based on the number of animals confined at the facility.

Permits are required when a facility has at least:

  • Dairy cows: 1,000
  • Beef cattle: 3,500
  • Other cattle: 7,500
  • Turkeys: 100,000
  • Chickens: 650,000
  • Swine: 3,000
  • Sheep, lambs and goats: 15,000 combined
  • Horses: 2,500
  • Ducks: 650,000
  • Other livestock: 30,000

Confined Animal Facility permits must be obtained before construction of new livestock facilities that will hit one or more thresholds.

These permits require certain mitigation measures by the facility operator to reduce the impact of emissions on the District and direct neighbors of the facility.

How to Apply

Our Confined Animal Facility permit application packet is available on our Applications & Forms page. Fees should also be submitted at the time of application.