Our Mission

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District’s mission is to protect human health and property from the harmful effects of air pollution. We take that charge seriously. We believe that every person has the right to clean air every day. We seek to achieve that goal in all of our work, from rulemaking to permitting, from enforcement to public education, from planning to monitoring. All of our programs are designed to best achieve our mission.

We also consider ourselves part of the fabric of the community, and as such we work closely with local businesses to find sensible solutions to their needs while enforcing our own rules about emissions and control technology. Yolo-Solano has a rich agricultural heritage, and we work with farmers every day to ensure their work doesn’t impair our air quality.

Our Board of Directors, made up of 14 local elected officials, meets monthly to set policies, adopt rules and guide our programs to best protect their constituents. We work with state and federal regulators to ensure our businesses understand applicable laws and to make progress toward attainment of air quality standards.

But above all else, we are dedicated to working with the public to meet our collective air quality goals. Contact us with any questions or concerns about local air quality.