Agricultural Chipping Program

The District was awarded funding by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2021 Targeted Airshed Grant (TAG) Program to develop a Pilot Agricultural Chipping Program. The grant award will provide financial incentives to farmers to encourage chipping of agricultural materials as an alternative to open burning. There is a total of $415,000 available for funding projects in this pilot program, with $165,000 available for Solano County projects and $250,000 available for Yolo County projects. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of agricultural burns in the District.

The Program opens June 1, 2023. Eligibility criteria, program specifics, and requirements are listed in the program information document below. 

Agricultural Chipping Program Information 
Agricultural Chipping Program Application

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Mail or Deliver to:
Attn: Incentives
1947 Galileo Court, Suite 103
Davis, CA 95168


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