Carl Moyer Program

The Carl Moyer (Moyer) Program was established in 1998 as a partnership between the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and local air districts. The program provides monetary grants to private companies, and public agencies to purchase clean heavy‐duty engines beyond what is required by law and regulation through repowering, replacing, or retrofitting engines, vehicles, or equipment. The Moyer Program also funds infrastructure projects to support California’s transformation to zero and near‐zero emission technology. Previously this program has been managed by our partners at the Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD for businesses and agencies located within the Yolo-Solano AQMD. Starting in 2022, the Carl Moyer Program will be managed by Yolo-Solano AQMD. 

The  Moyer Program provides grant funding for the following project categories:

  • On-Road Projects (utility vehicles, school and transit buses)
  • Off-Road Projects (replacement for small fleets and exempt Agricultural Equipment)
  • Infrastructure Projects (projects including new battery charging and alternative fueling station installation)

The application period for the Carl Moyer Program is now closed. For applicants to the 2022 program, award notification letters will be sent out no later than the deadlines identified below.

Timeline for 2022 Moyer Program Solicitation and Grant Award

February 5, 2022Release of approved Carl Moyer Program (Moyer Program) Guidelines and Manual
February 5, 2022Release of approved Moyer Program Solicitation Overview
March 14, 2022Moyer Program Application Available
March 28, 2022Solicitation Opens (8:00 am PDT)
May 13, 2022Solicitation Closes (4:00 pm PDT)
June 12, 2022Deadline to Present List of Selected Projects to APCO
July 26, 2022Applicants Notified of Tentative Awards


Infrastructure Application
Infrastructure Project Eligibility

Off Road Program Eligibility

On Road Program Eligibility

District Carl Moyer Program Guidelines and Manual 

CARB Carl Moyer Program Guidelines

Appendices – Additional documents will be available soon

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