Yolo-Solano AQMD Releases 2023 Annual Report

2023 stands out as a truly transformative period marked by innovation, collaboration, and heightened efficiency. This report summarizes the collective efforts of each division, illustrating the strides made in attaining goals and advancing the overall mission of the District.

The 2023 Annual Report provides an overview to the public on District activities and programs, local air quality issues, offers transparency in budgeting and accounting practices, and highlights work completed during the last year to protect health and improve air quality within the District. This comprehensive document not only encapsulates the district’s endeavors over the past year but also sets a promising trajectory for the future of air quality management in the region.

Moreover, the report highlights the collaborative efforts undertaken by the YSAQMD in partnership with local governments, businesses, community organizations, and residents. Through strategic alliances and stakeholder engagement initiatives, the district has fostered a culture of shared responsibility and collective action towards achieving cleaner air for all.

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