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Subscription Request

Public Records Request; Information Request

Permit to Operate (PTO) Change Application

Permit Notification Form

Fee Table

For billing and mailing address changes, contact the District.

Agriculture & Ag Related

- Ag Engine Registrations





- Burn Program


- Post Harvest Processing Operations



- Confined Animal Facility




- Large Ag Sources




Agricultural Engine Registration Application (Form AG1)

Stationary Agricultural Engine Supplemental (Form AG2)

Portable Agricultural Engine Supplemental (Form AG3)

Agricultural Engine Location (Form AG4)

Modified Registration Application (Low, Intermittent Emergency Use) (Form AG5)

(Excluding mobile equipment, every non-road agricultural-use engine such as pump engines, both portable and stationary, rated greater than 50 hp is required by Rule 11.3 to have a District registration.)


Agricultural Burn Permit     Application Instructions

(For rural residential burning, contact your local fire district.)


Form 400  ADVISORY: Grain, Nut, Seed Processing Facilities

(Post harvest processing operations which emit air contaminants are required by Rule 3.1 to obtain a traditional District ATC and PTO permit - see below under Engineering forms.  However, if a farmer is only processing agricultural products (e.g. walnuts, almonds or seeds) which they grew themselves on their own ranch, the owner may be able to obtain an exemption from District permit per Rule 3.2)


CAF Permit Application (Form 07)

Supplemental CAF Permit Application - Misc. Equipment (Form 700)

Supplemental CAF Permit Application - Dairy (Form 710)

Emission Mitigation Plan (EMP) - Dairy: VOC (Form 711)

Emission Mitigation Plan (EMP) - Dairy: PM (Form 712)

(Every facility which meets the rule definition for a "Large" CAF is required to have a District CAF permit.  For dairies and feedlots, the threshold is 1,000 cows.)


Agriculture Operating Permit (AOP) application - Instructions

Permit Modification Application  - Instructions

AOP Screening Worksheet

(Every agricultural source from a single location or contiguous locations which emits more than 1/2 the major source threshold is required by Rule 11.1 to have a District AOP permit.)







Notification Form

Read the instructions carefully. Ensure the project is located within the Districtís boundaries before submitting application and paying fees.



Complaint Form

Initial Breakdown Report

Breakdown Follow Up Report

Application for Variance





For 2013


Be sure to use the appropriate form for your permit:

* General
* Internal Combustion Engine
* Gasoline Storage & Dispensing
* Coating Operations


Authority to Construct (ATC)

Emission Reduction Credit (ERC)

Permit to Operate (PTO) Change Application

Used for change of ownership and name change

Permit Notification Form

ERC Transfer of Ownership

Title V Application Packet

Fee Table

Supplemental Forms:

Form 155 - Automotive Coating Operations
Form 235 - Dehy
Form 280 - Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GDF)
Form 310 - IC Engine
Form 600 - Letter of Release (transfer of ownership)


Clean Air Funds Application - Available mid-January - March of each year. For more information contact the program coordinator or call (530) 757-3653.
Methods to Find the Cost-Effectiveness of Funding Air Quality Projects" (2.51 MB) is an interactive database you may use to evaluate the cost effectiveness of projects. The file is in Microsoft Access MDB format, and requires Access for use. It is recommended that you save the file to your computer to do the calculations. If you do not have Access, contact the District for assistance (530) 757-3653.



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